Self Insured Employers

June 2, 2014

My employer is self insured, does this matter?

In Queensland, every employer must have workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees in the event of an injury. The majority of employers have insurance with WorkCover Queensland. However, some larger organisations may be entitled to be self insured.


This just means that they must provide insurance to their employees and they manage the workers’ compensation claims of their employees rather than insuring with WorkCover.


These organisations must meet certain criteria in order to be self insured including having at least 2000 full-time employees.

Regardless of whether your employer is self insured or insured with WorkCover Queensland, your claim for workers’ compensation benefits or damages is regulated by the Workers’ Compensation & Rehabilitation Act 2003.


If your employer is self insured, you will be dealing with their workers’ compensation unit and will need to lodge your claim directly with them. Your employer’s workers’ compensation unit will manage your claim, including making decisions as to whether to accept or reject your claim, processing your workers’ compensation benefits and co-ordinating your rehabilitation and return to work.


The Workers’ Compensation Regulator oversees all workers’ compensation claims in Queensland. If you disagree with certain decisions made by your employer’s workers’ compensation unit, you may be entitled to ask the Workers’ Compensation Regulator to review their decision.


If you have been injured or you have any questions about dealing with an employer who is self insured you should contact your solicitor as soon as possible.


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