Journey Claim

May 4, 2015

Suffering an injury at your place of work can have long term effects that impact on you and your family.  It is important to realise that some worker’s compensation benefits extend beyond the workplace.  For example, a worker who is injured whilst travelling from their home to or from their place of employment will generally be entitled to receive worker’s compensation benefits for their injuries.


These claims are known as ‘journey claims’ and entitle an injured person to receive the same types of benefits from WorkCover as if they had actually been injured in the workplace.  These benefits can include wages and payments for medical, treatment and rehabilitation costs.


It is important to note that a worker will not be entitled to worker’s compensation if the injury occurs within their home or the boundary of their residence.


Journey claims are particularly important in this region given the large number of workers who are employed on construction projects or in the mining industry and who may have to travel substantial distances by car or other transport to get to work.


For fly-in fly-out workers, the worker would be covered for a journey claim when they are on a commercial flight or bus to their place of employment. A FIFO worker would also be covered whilst driving to the airport to catch a plane to or from their place of work.


It’s important to note that there may not be any coverage if someone has a significant deviation or delay in their journey to or from work. For example, your claim may be rejected if you decided to detour to the pub for a meal on your way back home or to camp.


On the other hand, if a worker takes a rest break on the way home in accordance with an employer’s fatigue management policy, they will still be covered as part of their journey claim.


Working in the Central Queensland region often involves extended travel.  Seeking early advice in the event of an injury on the way to or from work may help ease some of the stress and financial worries for you and your family and help you on the road to recovery.


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