Compensation Awarded

June 22, 2016

Accredited Personal Injury Specialist, George Cowan has successfully acted on behalf of a young man who was seriously injured in a motor cycle accident in North Rockhampton several years ago.


The local man made a good recovery from his physical injuries after a couple of months and was able to return to his administrative role with Qld Health. However, over time his performance declined and he eventually resigned from that position.


He has not been able to work since that date and well after leaving work, he was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder.


Accident Compensation

The CTP insurer of the other vehicle admitted responsibility for the claim yet the parties were unable to agree on the appropriate level of compensation. After a vigorously contested 3 day trial in the Rockhampton Supreme Court, Justice Duncan McMeekin awarded our client almost half a million dollars in compensation.


The real issue for determination for the Judge was the extent to which the psychological injury was affecting his return to work as opposed to other factors such as prolonged cannabis usage and “disillusionment and disinterest in work”.


The Judge accepted that our client was an honest person and that the car accident was a “material contributing cause” to his mental illness leading to an award of $325,000 for impaired earning capacity for the future.


We can help

Contact George Cowan on (07) 4927 6333. It costs nothing to find out what your options are. Personal Injury Law is unique in that we operate on a “no win, no fee” basis. This means you will only receive an account from us if we succeed in recovering compensation on your behalf.


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